Scottish Futures Trust
Reflecting on 10 years

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Scottish Futures Trust (SFT) since it started operating as Scottish Government's independent centre of infrastructure expertise.

From the outset our focus was to work hand in hand with Scotland’s public sector to help plan, fund, deliver and manage infrastructure projects better.

Ten years on and that focus remains the same but increasingly we are now concentrating our efforts on the outcomes of our work and how they drive Scotland’s response to climate change, inclusive growth and where we can add value and support our places better.

Some examples of this include:

As an organisation, we have grown to a business of 80 specialists who provide expert advice and guidance as well as manage an ever-expanding portfolio of infrastructure programmes across the public sector.


Reflecting the dynamic environment we operate in and the speed at which change happens, we are now managing a number of infrastructure programmes which were not even on our radar ten years ago; for example, the infrastructure required for digital datacentres and district heating schemes, or helping plan the infrastructure that’s needed for electric vehicle charging.


To illustrate the different sectors we work across and some of the milestones we along with our countless public and private sector partners have reached over the past ten years, we have produced this interactive website.

Each of the financial years (either to the left or up above depending on what device you're using) offers a snapshot of the positive impacts our work is having across Scotland since we started back in May 2009.